Currently I solve UI problems at Major League Soccer using technologies like Webpack, React/React Native, Node, and GraphQL. Nothing makes me happier than building teams and helping others succeed.

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I like to write about technology and life in general. All of my work can be found here, but these are a few articles I'm particularly proud of:

🍔 Snacks 🍔

Animations are the bedrock of an engaging UI. Tap play to see a few common animation examples.

Collapsible headers are all the rage these days. This example also adds in a bit of spring to mimic real world physics.

This example uses multiple parts of the Animated API to create one overall animation experience.

This last example brings together the PanResponder API with the Animation API to create an image diffing component.

🏖ī¸ Code Sandboxes 🏖ī¸

If you like the angled backgrounds on this site, here is the component that makes them! 😃

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